About this site

Creating a dedicated website that shows our education connection globally yet is a personal touch point for the children and youth of our two districts, is an exciting opportunity in the development of the sister district relationship between Changping District, Beijing and Hurunui District.

The leadership of both districts has shown that you can overcome many obstacles, if the heart is willing and the collective mind-set shares the same vision.

In a time of rapid change and global interconnectivity the development of this stand along Changping – Hurunui school and youth website allows our young people to express how they wish to develop their school and youth sister district relationships.

Confucius said, “Acquire new knowledge whilst thinking over the old, and you may become a teacher of others."

It is our hope that the youth of both districts become the teachers of others, acquire knowledge from each other, share their history, culture and most important of all they share their vision for the future with each other and beyond.

Mayor Winton Dalley, Hurunui District 

When I intially signed the sister district relationship with my counterpart Deputy Executive Mayor Sun Wei, in December 2015, we both made a commitment to work to ensuring our children and youth would be the first to benefit from our sister district relationship by providing a platform that they could engage with each other in a way that suited their generation.

To this end I must acknowledge the support of The New Zealand Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce and All Green New Zealand Limited, who have kindly sponsored this website and it's development as an initiative of support for Hurunui district post the 7.8 earthquake that severely impacted our district on 14th November 2016 and their belief that by engaging children to learn about other cultures is one step closer to making the world as safer place for all.

I look forward to watching this website evolve and the youth connections grow.

Mr Tian Guo An, President of The New Zealand Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce  

Children are our future, as an association involved with the ongoing development of the China - New Zealand relationship and taking into account many of our members have children and are community focused. The opportunity to support the Hurunui District post - earthquake and facilitate the development of this edcuation initiative, was the most proactive way we could support this rural community and encourage the growth of the China New Zealand relationship especially amongst our young people.

We believe the concept of the Hurunui Youth Experience is a proactive initiative and great way for all youth to have an opportunity to particpate in a rural New Zealand experience that is tailored to their interests whilst holding educational values and aspects.